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What I hope the HP Hurricane comes with

To start with, i’m semi impressed with the IPAD.  The speed and fluidity (if that’s a word) of the OS is very nice, and makes me feel like i can pick it up and use it any time quickly.    There are a lot of apps, and more to come (though most of them right now seem a little rushed).  But this article is about a piece of technology i’m more excited about, the HP Hurricane (or whatever they choose to call it).

As a Palm Pre owner, there are several things that I really hope the HP Hurricane comes out with.  First, and very very foremost a PEN.  But please not a stylus, i want the pen for writing hand notes, I want a planner software that let’s me write down my notes by hand (it helps me remember better).  It needs to intelligently know if it’s the side of my hand or my finger so that I can write with one hand and move the canvas around with the other (stuff like that).

Cameras (front and rear would be cool).  At first i thought that i’d never in a million years use one :) and though i’d probably never use a front facing one i’m sure others would.  But a rear one, for me, would be awesome to be able to take pictures of whiteboard drawings.  Cooler than that would be the ability to pop the photos into a drawing app.   Allowing me to add tags and what not in my notes.

Did I mention a pen? Oh ya :) i did.

inputs - a non proprietary power plug, usb for jump drives, and sd cards.  The #1 thing I hate about Apples products is their complete and utter desire to keep everything inside their own little world.  Only use plugs we make, only use itunes to put things on our device, etc.  I like the fact that they do everything in their power to make things as good as possible, but don’t force it.  Make people use ur stuff because it’s the best alternative not the only.  And let people use their device in a way that fits them the best (did I mention i like writing with a pen :)).

Google docs :).  I want the ability to sync my google docs on my device for complete offline view.  And then, regularly sync if i’m looking at them while i’m in range of wifi (or 3g if i go with that model).

Please build the pen into the hardware :), in a way that looks nice.

Keep the battery life up above the 6 hour range, and build all the “built in” applications in C (using your cool framework).  That’s my #1 gripe with my palm pre is that the applications are really slow to launch, and sometimes are laggy.  Make everything fast.  You have a way more powerful CPU, use it :).

Build an onscreen keyboard that is as good as the Ipads.  Although the pen is good for some things, keyboards are the best for IMing and document creation.   (Please include it in the phone OS if you do in the hurricane).

That’s all.  These things, together with a nice app store will make me switch from my ipad to a webos tablet as soon as my ipad sells on craigslist.  Just know, that if you don’t include the pen :) i for sure won’t buy one.  You can’t possibly hope to be better than the Ipad unless you include the things that it refuses to include.  In my opinion above all else they dropped the ball with the incorrect assumption that if we see a pen then you’ve failed, it may be Steve Job’s opinion :) but he’s wrong.  If you do nothing else that I’ve said here, but do include a pen, i’ll be a little disappointed .. and I’ll still sell my ipad on craigslist to buy a hurricane.  Everything else would be cool too though :) not that you’re listening.

How to fix the internet - Lesson 1 :)

The internet is an awesome place.  For me it was like opening the chocolate factory.  After some use though, i saw that it was full of crap :(.  I created my first website and proudly displayed my email so that people could tell me how cool it was.  I created a wiki with cool ideas and allowed everything to add to my ideas so that the ideas could improve and grow.  I did research and found solutions….. and a lot of crap I didn’t want to find.  Then some jerk kept posting on my wiki that had nothing to do with my wiki, he was advertising for his site on my wiki … the nerve.  So this article will go over several problems with the internet and my way of fixing them :).


I’ve recently found out just how annoying spam is.  It’s nearly impossible for a legitamate company to create an email server and get email working, because there are morons (that’s the best clean word I can think of) out there that send out lies and worthlessness in the promises of cash and glory (and larger body parts).  And it’s more annoying if you get the spam.   Companies like Google spend good money cleaning up all the crap.

SOLUTION 1 - Make spamming illegal

If I knew that when I got a spam email I could send it to the police and they would investigate it, contact the company responsible, send them a fine, and eventually put the owner in prison if they continued to break the law, then spam would stop.  If the spam came from another country, there’s a solution for that too (see the problem entitled Pornography)

PROBLEM 2 - http://www.gooogle.net/

Did you know that people make a living buying sites that are very close to the site that you wanted to type in?  Buying something like gooogle.net instead of google.com, or anazon.com (though amazon is cool, they own this one) instead of amazon.com.  They make a living off of lies, it’s not only lame, but very dishonest.  The problem with these sites is that they add no value to the internet.  They’re simply there to try and get you to click links that lead to google searches (which can end up just being large loops of frustration).

SOLUTION 2 - prove it or lose it

If google.com notices that gooogle.net is there simply to fill in a mistype, they should be able to go to register.com or some small government division and file a complaint.  This company should allow google to pay the $15 or whatever dollars for the site assuming the company responsible doesn’t come up with a valid honest use of the site in 15 days.  Or, they should be able to give a cease and desist letter that gives them the same 15 days before their registration becomes invalid (with them loosing whatever money it cost them to buy the site in the first place).  Users should also be able to file these complaints with the same results.


I think this one is evident.  Viruses and Spyware should be more heavily tracked down and should have more severe punishments.


If a dumb kid writes a virus in his basement and it gets out, then they should estimate that it cost x Billion $s and the kid should be sued for X billion $.  In the case that the kid can’t afford x billion $s :) then a short prison/juvy sentence should be served, and community service to the government should be served for possibly years of service.  This is a little kinder then the death penalty that I feel they should get :).  It wouldn’t take too many public cases of kids loosing everything they have, or adults serving bad prison sentences for this to end.  In the case that the virus comes from a different company, see below.

PROBLEM 4 - Pornography

Let’s face it, it’s everywhere on the internet.  Stupid ads from Evony, websites that pretend to give you valid information but actually end up having endless popups, viruses that constantly open crap on your desktop all day.  It’s everywhere, and it’s disgusting.  It ruins people, their jobs, their marriages, their friendships, and it’s getting worse.  It’s worse that it’s nearly impossible to block with a firewall, and it forces firewalls to be much more strict.


The real problem with pornography is that yes, it’s gross, degrating, and destructive, but it’s legal.  So you can’t make it illegal to offer it.  Instead, you enforce that every single pornographic image must come from a .xxx (as opposed to .com) extension.  If you want to enable it over P2P software, then it has to be flagged as such, and should probably go over a special port.  This makes it easy to block, but for those who want to wollow in it they still can.  The real difficulty however is in enforcing this.  There are a few ways to enforce this, and really it should be decided by a judge or someone similar.  Options: 1) If it’s a single person, give them a hefty fine, disable their website, short prison sentence, and look into their ISP; 2) With any site you must also target the ISP, it is their responsibility to not host pornographic material illegally, as such they must federate their sites, in the case that an ISP is a problem, disable them for 24 hours per incident beyond the first (so 24 for the 2nd, 48 for the 3rd, etc).  This becomes very detrimental to ISP’s who would lose a lot of business (if not all); Option 3) If it’s outside the states, then you have an agreement with other countries.  The agreement is: either you federate your sites, as you give us sites to fix or we give you sites to fix they get fixed quickly, or we block off all internet communication between your country and ours (like from every country that is in the agreement).  Generally countries will agree, it would suck to be without the major countries as far as internet access goes, and you lose a lot of profit in your endeavors without the major countries.  This enforcement should work with all the problems with the internet.  If a country is harboring “fugatives” so to speak, then that’s fine, but we don’t want anything to do with your internet traffic.  No emails, no anything to and from that country (except maybe some emails back and forth about fixing the problem.  This would be a very effective solution.

Anyway, there are a lot of problems with the internet, which is frustrating, because it’s so valuable to the way we live our lives.  So much shared information, tainted by dishonest and dirty people.  I hope that someday it will get cleaned up in some way.

Wow, another programming blog

I’m starting this blog so that people will have one more place to find results when they search for them.  I do a lot of programming, and I figure the more examples the better.   We’ll see how it works :).

I’ve even installed syntax highlighting

@howcool = "Is this?"